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John & Tanya

Born from a lineage of musical talent, Tanya began her singing

career at the age of 6 in the church choir by the prompting of her

Grandfather, who was a huge musical influence in her life.  His

workshop where he handcrafted stringed instruments that are

now throughout the United States, was the breeding ground for her talents to be developed and her love of music. 


A modeling career, then the role of wife and mother put these talents on hold for many years, but even then, she was highly sought after for singing at special events, but always finding her way back to her Christian roots.  
A dark season in her life lead her to months behind a keyboard where these emotions were released through her now evident gifted songwriting abilities.  In 2009 friends and family convinced her to go into the recording studio which led to the release of her debut album “Captured”. 

A God chance meeting with John James, former lead singer of The Newsboys in 2018 began as a musical friendship, but became quite evident after ministering together, that God’s hand was on their lives as a couple.  They soon felt that the God of the second chances was giving them both a second chance at a God relationship.  They now travel together as husband and wife ministering in worship and preaching.  Both with a love and passion to use their life story to bring a message of hope to all they speak to. Ministering through worship Tanya now powerfully transparently shares her life story across America at churches, lady’s events, conference and recovery facilities.

For over 16 years, John was the Lead Singer and Co-founder of one of the world's most successful Christian bands, THE NEWSBOYS. Starting with humble beginnings in Australia, to performing at sell-out venues and shows of up to 750,000 at a single event around the globe, John has taken the Christian message to the world. 

While he was with the band, The Newsboys released 6 albums, selling several million copies and achieving countless number one songs, Grammy nominations, Gold and Platinum records, and national prime time press coverage throughout North America. From this platform John inspired thousands not to be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ but to take the message on to the streets.

John now speaks with such a passion, to equip and empower the local church with their personal devotion to God and to inspire all with a message of evangelizing this nation with a burden to reach the lost. John openly shares his life story from the heights of sucess to the shipwrecks of brokenness.

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